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Product Overview

Product Overview

All Saroyan Zils

Crafted of premium quality solid brass, bronze, or German silver each set contains four zils. Two rectangular slots along with heavy duty elastic straps provide firm control. They are burnished and finely polished to preserve the rich finish and tone.

Zils with a bowl shape have a bell like tone. Zils with a flatter face provide more of a punctuating clap or clang. Some of our most popular designs mix these two components as in the Afghani’s.

Some dancers find zils with a flatter face are more forgiving to play because they provide more surface area to contact.


Finger Cymbals for Students

Finger cymbals for students are available in a number of different styles. These solid brass cymbals weigh approximately 100 grams (3.5 oz) and are specifically designed for students of all ages.

Each style is exquisitely designed and crafted for optimum performance while their lighter weight minimizes finger fatigue. From the mellow tone of Nefertiti to the crystal bell-like tone of the Turkish Delight, these cymbals will please the ear as you learn to play finger cymbals.

The Nefertiti has been our top selling design for many years.


Zills for Small Hands

MiniZills and TinkerZills are our smallest cymbals. Both have a distinct tone with the TinkerZills the higher of the two. They are also perfect for those occasions when you want a delicate and softer sound. Weighing approximately 75 grams (2.65 oz), these cymbals are solid brass.

While often purchased as a gift for a young dancer, many experienced dancers own a set for themselves as well.

Cymbals for Tribal Performances

Many troupes have adopted the Afghani as their zil of choice. Its distinctive sound complements duets and large troupes with a unique and powerful tone that carries well in a variety of venues.

Also popular are the Dervish in brass and German silver. A large zil with a unique combination of bell like tone and a punctuating clap.

The Ghawazee was designed to match the shape and weight of an original set of Ghawazee cymbals that were once produced in the Middle East.


Advanced & Professional Dancers

Finger cymbals for advanced and professional dancers are available in a heavier gauge and larger diameter selections, all achieving clear and bell-like tones.

Cymbals within the collection provide a range of tones, with a weigh of 180 grams (6.4 oz). These produce a pleasing clear and beautiful tone that can be easily heard in larger settings.

All are available in solid brass or German silver.


Specialty Designs

Saroyan designed these exquisite cymbals to meet a variety of needs. They are among the lightest and heaviest sets in our collection.

The Grecian is a thin gauge zil with a unique clap tone. The Concertmaster and Al-Taj are suitable for percussionists or large venues. The Al-Taj has a very clean bell tone with a very long sustain.

A dancer once described The Concertmaster as a “weapons grade zil,” – we took that as a compliment.


Historical Finger Cymbals – Mediterranean Delight

All Historic cymbals are available in light or heavy gauge. A set of four light gauge cymbals weigh approximately 110 grams (3.88 oz) and heavy gauge 140 grams (4.94 oz).

Light gauge cymbals have a lower tone are designed for both student and intermediate dancers. Heavy gauge cymbals are designed for performances where a higher tone is desired.

These designs were among the first zils produced by Saroyan and make up the foundation of our collection.



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