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The Sounds of Saroyan

Hear something you like?  Click on the name of the zill for more information.

Childrens’ Zils

MC-M10 MiniZills Brass

MC-M10S MiniZills German Silver

MC-T20 TinkerZills Brass

Student Zils


MC-025 Prelude

MC-100 Nefertiti

MC-100S Nefertiti – German Silver

MC-150 Small Grecian

MC-200 Turkish Delight

MC-300 Arabesque Brass

MC300S Arabesque German Silver


MC-400 Saroyan Pro Brass

MC-400S Saroyan Pro German Silver

MC-450 Saroyan Pro II Brass

MC-450S Saroyan Pro II German Silver

MC-500 Tutankhamun Brass

MC-500S Tutankhamun German Silver

MC-600 Turkish Delight Pro Brass

MC-600S Turkish Delight Pro German Silver

MC-700 Arabesque II Brass

MC-700S Arabesque II German Silver

MC-750 Nefertiti Pro Brass

MC-750S Nefertiti Pro German Silver

Tribal Designs

MC-800 Afghani Brass

FC-800 FatChanceBellyDance Signature® Zils Brass

MC-800H Afghani Bronze

MC-800S Afghani German Silver

MC-GWZ-H  Ghawazee Bronze

MC-GWZ-B Ghawazee Brass

MC-GWZ-S Ghawazee German Silver

DRV-SP The Dervish Brass

DRV-SPS The Dervish German Silver

DRV-DS Datura Dervish Signature Zil

Specialty Designs

MC-900 The Grecian Brass

MC-900 The Grecian German Silver

CM-LTD The Concertmaster Bronze

AL-TAJ  The Al-TAj Brass

Mediterranean Delight Series

HC-10R Persian Light

HC-10-H Persian Heavy

HC-20-R Moorish Light

HC-20-H Moorish Heavy

HC-30-R Arabic Light

HC-30-H Arabic Heavy

HC-40-R Modern Light

HC-40-H Modern Heavy

HC-50-R Contemporary Light

HC-50-H Contemporary Heavy